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  1. Yesterday, I was guest speaker at the Edinburgh Writers Club, Scotland's most prestigious writers club; the members are always winning prizes in the Scottish Association of Writers Clubs annual competitions. I was there, not because I am a famous Scottish writer but because Olga, their current president, had kindly come to speak at my own club, Helensburgh Writers Workshop. My talk was the proverbial quid pro quo. It seemed to go down very well.
    As I was asked to speak about my writing experience, I have inserted my script in the Writing section of the website. It may be of interest to others who are interested in writing. The 'great video' was already on the website.
    Olga's thank you message. 
    Dear Eric 
    Thank you for a superb talk this evening - you held your audience spellbound! It was fascinating to hear about your autobiography in the context of your writing, and to have the readings and that great video. 
    Very best wishes to you both, and happy writing! 
    Olga Wotjas, President Edinburgh Writers Club

    Edinburgh Writers Club