Dear Reader, 

Why do I have a website, you ask? I wonder that myself. It was not my idea. I'm normally a shy, retiring sort of bloke but my publisher thought I should have a web profile. This is it. It includes a number of audio and video links and I'll add bells and whistles when I've mastered the technology.

Included are:

  • the audio-visual presentation I use to accompany On Her Majesty's Nuclear Service at literary festivals.
  •  a one-hour interview for a book programme on US radio.
  • reviews and feedback on 'On Her Majesty's Nuclear Service' .
  • unique recordings of submarine concerts held on patrol and now archived in the Imperial War Museum and the Royal Navy Submarine Museum
  • a unique video of me performing Ally Shanter, my parody of Robert Burns' Tam O'Shanter, recorded in the actual Bachelors' Club established by Burns in Tarbolton 240 years ago

commodoreericthompson is a mouthful for a website title. Apologies for that. The reason is that there are hundreds of other Eric Thompsons in cyberspace, none of whom wish to be mistaken for me. 

I never fail to count my blessings. I have lived in peace, enjoyed love and friendship since birth, and have never known hunger, homelessness, poverty, persecution or ill health. What more could a man desire? A dog, you say. A cat, I add.

Yours sincerely,