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  1. Since moving to my rural cottage thirty years ago, I have loved listening to the local buzzards whistling to each other as they soar overhead. So much so that I installed a 'buzzard pole' in front of my kitchen window in the hope that they would take to perching on it. (They perch on the telegraph poles up my access road). No such luck, though every other breed of bird round here perches on it! The woodpeckers like to land halfway up and then walk up to the top. The lovey-doveys sit on the top as a pair.

    In May, I noticed a lot of buzzard activity around the small crop of trees in my nature reserve (i.e. abandoned waste ground). When I went to investigate, O joy O rapture, I discovered a buzzard's nest abour thirty feet up in one of my trees, with a baby buzzard gazing down at me (see photo below). I have now watched it grow up, spread its wings, and leave the nest. It was then forever gliding round my garden and calling, just like a baby, for its parents, who seem to have left him/her to make its own way in life (good idea).

    Am wondering if the nest will be used again next Spring.

    Baby Buzzard 7Baby Buzzard 2Baby Buzzard 1