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Have now moved from writing to marketing! Here is the first sales flier (postcard size).


By Eric Thompson

The first memoir by a Royal Navy nuclear submarine officer, this is the inside story of the men who ensured that 'Mutually Assured Destruction' was maintained at all times during the Cold War and beyond.

During the Cold War, nuclear submarines performed the greatest public service of all: prevention of a third world war. History shows that they succeeded; the Cold War ended peacefully, but for security reasons, only now can this story be told.

Eric Thompson is a career nuclear submarine officer who served from the first days of the Polaris missile boats until after the end of the Cold War. He joined the Navy in the last days of Empire, made his first patrols in World War II type submarines and ended up as Commodore in charge of Britain's principal nuclear submarine base at Faslane. Along the way, he helped develop all manner of things from stealth technology to underwater guided weapons and the Trident ballistic missile system.

This vivid personal account reveals what it felt like to be ready to obey the Prime Ministerial order to launch a nuclear counter strike. He leads the reader through dramas as diverse as top-secret patrols, hush-hush scientific trials, disobedient torpedoes, blocked underwater toilets, public relations battles with nuclear protesters, arm-wrestling with politicians, separation from loved ones and the changing roles of females and homosexuals in the Navy. It is essentially a human story, rich in both drama and comedy, like the Russian spy trawler that played dance music at passing submarines. There was never a dull moment for the men who stood their watch and helped maintain the 'Nuclear Peace'.

Published by Casemate (UK) - Publishing date Feb 2018 

Imperial War Museum: 

Hardback Ÿ 336 pages Ÿ 32 illustrations Ÿ Publishing date Feb 2018




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